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If you’re on the hunt for new options in craft beer, Vancouver has a number of options for the discerning beer lover. Because craft beer can be pricey, many like to get feedback from other beer lovers before buying craft beer online or ordering it in large quantities. Here are some tips to help you find great options for craft beer in Vancouver or anywhere else.


Talk to Friends and Read Reviews

Beer-loving friends can point you to their favourite craft beers. Of course, beer preference is subjective, and you might love something and find that your friend or partner has strong disdain for it. You might not agree on what your lager or ale loving friends enjoy but asking their opinion could point you to great options you might not have otherwise found or tried.


Beer Publications

Beer publications can be a great option to help you find out about brands that are gaining recognition and attention. Craft breweries can be featured for their entire line as well as for just a single offering that’s gaining attention. In addition to reading about various beer brands, you could also get a visual of where to buy near you. Local festivals and events that feature great options as well as user reviews could help you expand your drinking repertoire.


Try Some Local Craft Beer at Home or When Out in Vancouver

You might not want to buy a two-four of a beer you’ve never tasted, of course, but many craft breweries that are open to the public offer tastings or sell by the can or bottle, so that you can try several options. Instead of buying your same old six pack next time you buy beer, why not buy six bottles or cans of various types of beer?

And next time you’re out for a night to watch a game and have some wings, consider asking your bartender about his or her favourite Vancouver craft beer recommendation.


Get great ideas for craft beer. Vancouver’s The Growler offers lots of information on great lager and ale choices, local events, and more.


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