Victoria BC Breweries Travel: Beer Tips

If you’re a beer lover who is planning to visit beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, you might want to explore some Victoria BC breweries on your journey as well as find out about some great local craft beer options to try as you wine and dine (or, rather, beer and dine) while on Vancouver Island.

Here are some ideas to help you make the most of great Victoria BC craft beer options so that you can experience the richness the capital of British Columbia has to offer lovers of craft beer.


Read Up on Local Victoria BC Breweries & Craft Beers Before You Go

Beer culture is rich in Canada and you’ll find many online resources dedicated to helping Victoria BC breweries and beer lovers find one another. Read up on great lager and ale options online to help you come up with a list of great beers to try while in Victoria. Perhaps you’ll find a festival, check out a brewery tour, and/or get together a list of craft beers to taste and pick up on your journey.

Reading a Victoria craft beer map can help; you, too, as you’ll be able to plan visits to various breweries and/or pubs that feature flavours you are interested in, around your trip itinerary.


Book Tours of Victoria, B.C. Beer Breweries

Some Victoria craft breweries are happy to offer tours, which include tastings. This can be a great thing to add to your itinerary. Tourism Victoria touts the many breweries, wineries, and associated tours and tastings. The Victoria Ale Trail, The Top Breweries in Victoria lists on travel review sites and checking out individual breweries for tours can be a great thing to add to your Victoria visit. You might even be tempted to head to Nanaimo or elsewhere on the island to check out some other options, too.

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