The Wide World of Wheat

Beer, at its basic level, is a waste product produced by uncountable millions of yeast cells as they chew their way through a sugary slurry (called “wort”) that brewers prepare for their feasting. Those fermentable sugars can be derived from […]

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Beer awards are bullshit. Sort of.

The BC Beer Awards are coming up again, and with them another annual beer nerd tradition: the debate over whether beer awards are total bullshit or not. As a brewer who has won maybe the biggest award in Canada (Dageraad […]

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What the Hazy: When is an IPA not an IPA?

  This story originally appeared in the Summer 2019 issue of The Growler, out now! You can find B.C.’s favourite craft beer guide at your local brewery, select private liquor stores, and on newsstands across the province.   Ask any […]

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