Brewer vs Brewer: The Anniversary Edition

Celebrating milestones during the pandemic sucks. Typically, a brewery turning 10 or 20 years old might put on a big event, but during COVID, not so much. In 2021, two well-known Victoria breweries reached significant milestones with little fanfare: Phillips […]

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Craft breweries make great neighbours

You don’t need to look very hard to find dozens of examples of B.C. craft breweries that have improved the neighbourhoods they have opened up in. Across the province, craft breweries have helped transform their surroundings in profoundly positive ways […]

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WTF is Kveik?

An exploration of Norwegian farmhouse yeast It all started with a blog post. The year was 2014, and in the backwaters of the Internet, a software engineer from Norway by the name of Lars Marius Garshol was posting about archaic […]

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