Wild fermentation 101

The Growler has put together this simple guide to wild fermenting cider in the hopes of inspiring a few of you to give it a try.  Hint: by using wild fermentation, it’s easier than you think.  Sure, there are plenty […]

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A taster’s guide to cider styles

Check out your local craft liquor store for an ever-expanding choice of ciders Consumers are more knowledgeable about beer styles today than they’ve ever been. Seriously, is there anyone left who thinks “beer” is just one thing?  These days, even […]

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Orchard to glass

B.C. cider makers blend tradition and innovation You could be forgiven for thinking of cider and beer as two sides of the same coin. After all, most of the time they’re close to each other in colour and alcohol content, […]

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Craft pollination

It wasn’t so long ago that the few options available for locally-made cider came in large plastic bottles usually reserved for sugary soft drinks—and tasted just as sweet. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case, with liquor stores devoting entire aisles […]

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Drink this: Wild Card by Windfall Cider

Wild Card by Windfall Cider

There’s a growing overlap between beer and cider, and I’m not just talking about the lucrative craft beverage market. Craft beer is increasingly taking inspiration from cider and vice versa. There’s beer/cider hybrid styles that have emerged, like graf (which […]

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Drink this: Sparkling Sagardo by Nomad

Sparkling Sagardo by Nomad Handcrafted Ciders

Here we are, Week 3 of the COVID-19 outbreak and I have to be honest, being stuck inside for this long is starting to mess with me. As I was telling my new imaginary friend, Baron Von Pillowface, the other […]

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