Drink This: The Growler’s Weiss Weiss Baby by Doan Craft Brewing Co. and Kettle River Brewing

Rob Mangelsdorf photo

The latest edition of The Growler’s B.C. Collaboration Series is here and it’s pretty fantastic, if we do say so ourselves (and we do). Granted, I might be somewhat biased.

This time around we paired up East Vancouver’s Doan’s Craft Brewing Co. and Kettle River Brewing Co. from Kelowna, and tasked them with developing a refreshing beer we could crush all summer long. And here’s a shocker: they nailed it (obvs).

Weiss Weiss Baby is a German weissbier with a West Coast twist; this traditional wheat ale gets a fruity, citrusy blast courtesy of some generous and very untraditional dry-hopping with Mandarina Bavaria and Hallertau Blanc. There’s big fruit and citrus flavours right up front, followed by notes of berries, pine and wheat, with just enough hop bitterness to dry this beer out and ensure a clean, crisp finish.

Weiss Weiss Baby really is the perfect collab for these two breweries: Doan’s brings its trademark German influence while the Okanagan boys at Kettle River bring the summer sunshine. The end result: Good times!


The Growler presents Weiss Weiss Baby by Doan Craft Brewing Co. and Kettle River Brewing (5.0% ABV, 20 IBU)

Appearance: Hazy golden orange with a pillowy white head.

Aroma: Orange, citrus, berries, wheat.

Flavour: Citrus, mandarin orange, fruity, berries, pine, wheat, moderate hop bitterness.

Body: Light to medium bodied with a crisp, clean finish.

Pairs with: Grilled salmon, fruit salad, patios and tropical prints.


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