Best Day Ever: A #BCCraftBeerQuest tale

It was actually Cam’s idea. He had joined the #BCCraftBeerQuest and was now also working his way through The Growler, so he suggested a road trip to Vancouver to hit up the breweries we had not yet sampled. I agreed […]

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Elemental Series: Yeast

Part 4 in The Growler’s four-part series exploring the basic building blocks of beer. Make sure to check out Part 1: Water, Part 2: Grain and Part 3: Hops. So, after water, grains and hops, we come to the final […]

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Beer and food pairing 101

Company’s coming, dinner’s almost ready, but you forgot to pop out to the liquor store to grab a bottle of wine. Obviously, you have a fridge stocked full of delicious, local craft beer, so screw it! Who needs wine with […]

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