Best Day Ever: A #BCCraftBeerQuest tale

It was actually Cam’s idea. He had joined the #BCCraftBeerQuest and was now also working his way through The Growler, so he suggested a road trip to Vancouver to hit up the breweries we had not yet sampled. I agreed […]

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Elemental Series: Yeast

Part 4 in The Growler’s four-part series exploring the basic building blocks of beer. Make sure to check out Part 1: Water, Part 2: Grain and Part 3: Hops. So, after water, grains and hops, we come to the final […]

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Beer myths… busted!

  Here at Growler HQ, we get a lot of questions from readers asking us debunk common misconceptions about beer. We thought we’d address some of the most persistent myths with some help from the top beer minds in B.C. […]

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