Dageraad Brewing photo

GOLD – Best Belgian-Style Ale // Blonde
BRONZE – Best Light Ale // Burnabarian Belgian Table Beer
HM – Beer of the Year // Blonde
HM – Best Wheat Ale // White

When I am scanning liquor store shelves looking for something special, I often find myself reaching for something by Dageraad Brewing.

It’s probably disingenuous to describe Dageraad as “under the radar” since it was named Brewery of the Year at the 2019 Canadian Brewing Awards, but I still find myself often telling people about the brewery: about how its founders challenged the marketplace by producing complex Belgian-style beers only; about how Dageraad refused to cut corners, even dumping expensive batches of beer that weren’t up to snuff; and mainly about how delicious its beers are.

The Burnaby brewery makes so many great beers it’s hard to pick a favourite. Dageraad Blonde is a strong contender, but lately I’ve been noticing bottles of Dageraad Amber often ending up in my bike bag; I think it’s an underappreciated beer. I also love special releases like the cheeky and delicious Dagvar Czech Pilsner the brewery released earlier this summer. Burnabarian could easily be a contender for my desert island beer pick. It seems to suit almost any occasion for me. And then there’s the whole Entropy series. What’s your favourite? —Joe Wiebe


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