Here’s what happened to Settlement Brewing in Vancouver

Local brewery opening new Downtown Vancouver restaurant

The Case of the Sneaky Weasel

  Shadow brands, contract brewing, and the rise of “crafty” beers… Figuring out where a beer is actually brewed can be like a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, that comes in a six-pack. Take Sneaky Weasel. The […]

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Winter 2016 edition of The Growler is out now!

  SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION ALERT! Just in time for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus/Saturnalia, the Winter 2016 edition of The Growler is out now and available at newsstands, craft breweries, liquor stores and pretty much anywhere awesome people who like awesome beer congregate. If […]

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WTF is funky beer?

  By Lito Howse The days of massive hop-bombed beers seem to be giving way to more experimental brewing styles in the craft beer scene. One of the major trends right now is melding the fruity funk of dank hops […]

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The beer nerd's gift-giving guide

It’s December, which means the season of unbridled consumption is officially upon us. Whether Christmas parties, holiday treats, or copious amounts dark, delicious winter ale, saying no is difficult, if not impossible. So it is with holiday shopping. You’re probably […]

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Brews From The Six: The Growler Guide to Toronto

  Toronto’s claim as Canada’s beer capital has its merits: There are more breweries within T-Dot city limits than anywhere else in the country; these breweries and the seemingly endless beer bars are embraced fully by the locals (and, increasingly, […]

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B.C.'s best mountain brews

  BC’s mountain resorts have a lot going for them, but slope-side options for craft beer are often pretty slim. Thankfully, some of the province’s best craft breweries are located just a short drive down the road from your winter […]

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