Retro-themed Wayback Brewing opens in Surrey

Board games & beer

Award-winning Callister Brewring in East Van closing taproom, but not the whole business

Why is beer so male and white?

The men at Vancouver Craft Beer Week have a word for Leah Heneghan, the festival’s co-founder and events director. “The guys I work with, they call me boss,” she said. Beyond growing a festival that sold just 100 tickets for a single afternoon event […]

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IBUs are totally overrated

Picture the scene: the Bomber Brewing booth at last year’s Whistler International Beer Festival. Bomber’s Choqlette Porter, a gently sweet, malty and smooth ale, is proving popular on what’s an unseasonably wet and chilly day. The punters are full of questions. Where are you guys based? […]

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So you’ve opened a brewery. Now what?

We at The Growler spend so much time hyping up soon-to-be opened breweries that we often forget about these breweries once they finally open. But that’s where the real work begins, and in some cases, the real stress. What’s the […]

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The Growler Guide to Calgary

That’s right. Calgary. The city gets a bad rep in most parts of B.C., particularly in Vancouver, because… well, why is it exactly? Because it’s flat? Because it’s cold? Or because of the Flames? Or the cowboys? Or the oil? Maybe […]

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