Pucker up with these summer sours

Beer hunting in the Comox Valley

5 IPAs to enjoy this summer

How Gassy Jack Put Vancouver on the Map

Vancouver is known around the world for its outrageous real estate prices and equally ridiculous liquor laws, so it seems somehow fitting that Canada’s third-largest city first began after a squatter decided to open an unlicensed saloon in the middle of nowhere. Apart from the […]

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The 9 Best Tasting Rooms in BC

For the better part of three decades, beer has been as much about marketing as about the beer. And for all of craft beer’s conscious efforts to do everything differently than macro beer, the industry is still a product of […]

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Is BC's beer industry green enough?

There’s a rule of thumb in journalism: If you can write your headline as a question, then the answer is always no. “Does Star Wars: Episode LXXVII live up to expectations?” No. “Will Donald Trump win the 2016 U.S. election?” No. It’s called […]

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You Should Go To Victoria Beer Week, OK?

There’s no question BC is overloaded with beer festivals. There are just too many choices for what amount essentially to the same concept: sip beer out of four-ounce tasting glasses amongst a bunch of strangers, then get drunk. They’re the […]

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The Growler Volume 2 is here!

First, some good news: The Growler Vol. 2 Issue 1 is out March 1. Go grab yourself a copy! But not before reading “the bad news.” Yes, the day has come that some of you have been expecting, and that […]

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