Citrus Prawn Ceviche

Mary Mueller

Cider Scene

Vancouver Island cideries pour out a wealth of agritourism attractions While some of British Columbia’s cideries have already been in business for a decade or more, the cider scene and industry across the province are just now really starting to […]

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North Vancouver brewery wins award at World Beer Cup

Shaketown Brewing Co.’s Pre-Prohibition Pilsner picked up bronze in the American-Style Pilsner category Picture if you will: You’ve just clocked off work at the sawmill in pre-prohibition era Shaketown, and are jonesin’ for a pint at the local tavern. What […]

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From Sidney to Sooke

Beer-cycling in Greater Victoria The Greater Victoria region has some of the best cycling infrastructure around—to go along with one of B.C.’s most dynamic craft beer communities. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist who owns several pairs of padded Lycra shorts […]

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A 10-day celebration of Vancouver breweries launches this week

“It’ll be a celebration of beer in our own little way for sure.” The Vancouver Brewers Fest is back with 10-day of events taking place at breweries across the city. The fest of ales, lagers, and everything in between launches April 19 with events ranging from all-day […]

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Barks and Brews

Finding puppies their fur-ever homes through craft beer Warning: if you hate unabashed joy, puppy cuddles, beer, and undying loyalty and companionship, these events are not for you. Unleashed in 2022 by Leah Bosello and Emily Boucher, Barks N’ Brews […]

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