Phillips and Phriends showcases brewery’s talented team

Phillips and Phriends

What do you do when all your employees happen to be super creative artists and musicians, in addition to being stellar brewery staff? If you’re Phillips Brewing and Malting Co., you have a massive party showcasing their skills!

This Saturday, the Victoria brewery is putting on Phillips and Phriends at the Victoria Events Centre, with live music and artwork provided by the talented employees who work at the brewery.

The music lineup is an eclectic mix, ranging from alternative rock (Acres of Lions) to punk (Start With The Cobra, Automatic Chaos), to hip hop (OP Yeti Is His Name), to bluegrass-tinged indie folk (The Copper Lights), with each band having at least one member who works at the brewery.

The art show features some of Phillips’ in-house creative geniuses, including the Woodpile Collective, the Dobell Brothers and Shawn O’Keefe.

Of course, there will also be lots of yummy Phillips beer to suck back, too.

The show starts at 7pm at the Victoria Events Centre (1415 Broad St.) on Saturday, Feb. 2. Tickets are $15 in advance and are available at the brewery. Proceeds from the event benefit the Victoria food support program, The Gift Of Good Food, to help feed families facing poverty. Visit the event’s Facebook page for more info.

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