Drink this: The Hostler by BX Press

The Hostler by The BX Press. Rob Mangelsdorf photo

Just as craft beer has exploded over the past decade, reaching every corner of this province, so too has cider. That’s why—as you might have noticed in the latest edition of The Growler—we’re now including cider in the delicious adult beverages that we cover.

One of the many things that makes B.C. cider so great is that it’s largely made with B.C. apples. The Hostler by Vernon’s BX Press is made from apples grown on a third generation family farm dating back to 1946 that just used to be home to the Bernard’s Express Stagecoach Company’s massive BX Ranch.

This new world off-dry cider is made with dessert apples resulting in a clean and refreshing cider with an intoxicatingly floral aroma. Fruit forward with noticeable sweetness up front, its balanced acidity and a kiss of tannic astringency prevent the Hostler from becoming cloying. The finish doesn’t linger—in fact, it goes down so easy the hefty 7.9% ABV can go to your head if you’re not careful.


The Hostler by The BX Press

New World Off-Dry • 7.9% ABV • 500 mL bottles

Appearance: Straw gold with a thin white head.

Aroma: Floral, sweet, fruity.

Flavour: Fruity, stone fruit, apple, semi-sweet, Sauvignon Blanc, balanced acidity, slightly astringent.

Body/Finish: Light bodied with moderate carbonation and an off-dry finish.

Pairs with: Pork chops, brie cheese, prawn masala and the new issue of The Growler, available now at breweries and cideries near you!



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