This app lets you save money at craft breweries and support your favourite charity at the same time

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A new app can help you save money at B.C. craft breweries while supporting your favourite charities at the same time.

Craft Beer Crawl is the brainchild of the Nanaimo North Rotary Club and combines craft beer with worthy causes, so the next time you visit your favourite brewery, the warm, fuzzy feeling you get might be from the fact that you’re doing good for your community.

For a $25 donation, you get access to hundreds of dollars of savings at breweries and brewpubs across the province—and you get to pick where the money goes from a list of charitable partners. Use the app when you visit your favourite brewery for things like free growler bottles, beer glasses, water bottles, free food, as well as discounts on purchases.

“Many of our club members enjoy a good beer, and we were looking for an ongoing fundraiser,” explains Nanaimo North Rotary president Barney Sharp. “We think it’s a win-win-win proposition. The breweries get cost effective advertising, the beer drinkers get great value and Rotary acquires funds for our charitable projects. As we are all volunteers the money raised goes a long way.”

Proceeds from the Craft Beer Crawl will help fund a variety of charitable causes, such as the Rotary Club of Nanaimo North’s monthly hot breakfast program. Contributed photo

The user-friendly app is full of savings and is good for one year once you sign up. Close to 25 breweries and brewpubs are currently taking part, with more being added constantly—each with a one-time offer for the app-user. You can view the full list of participants at

Funds raised will help support seven annual scholarships of $1,000 each, local and international Rotary youth programs, a hot breakfast program, and much more. Visit to see the full list of recipients.

To sign up, download the DonorTrail app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, then select your chosen charity you’d like the proceeds to benefit and purchase the Craft Beer Crawl Pass for $25 to unlock your savings.

For more information or to sign up for the app, visit

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