Dageraad Brewing owner Ben Coli with some of his brewery’s award-winning beers. Contributed photo

GOLD – Best Belgian-Style Ale // Blonde
SILVER – Best Wheat Ale // De Witte
BRONZE – Best Collab Beer // Ten: VCBW 10th Anniversary Collab

Burnaby’s Dageraad Brewing started out more than five years ago with a seemingly impossible task: To bring authentic Belgian-style abbey ales to the B.C. market—a place with absolutely no connection with these exotic, delicious beers.

Through stubborn determination and a commitment to creating truly uncompromising beer, Dageraad has since succeeded in doing the unthinkable, becoming not only one of the most revered breweries in the province, but the country as well.

In addition to a trio of Growlie awards this year, including gold for best Belgian-Style Ale, Dageraad cleaned up at the 2019 B.C. Beer Awards and was named the 2018 Canadian Brewery of the Year.

“Focusing a brewery on Belgian-style beers was never a smart business decision,” said founder Ben Coli earlier this year. “While the rest of the world was going crazy about IPAs, we were asking consumers to educate themselves on obscure styles and pay attention to nuanced, complex beer. But we pulled through. We found our beer drinkers and they found us, and today we’re doing better than ever.”


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