Kegshare Canada is revolutionizing keg rental services nationwide

Kegshare makes it easy for brewers across Canada to manage their keg fleets

With Kegshare, brewers can concentrate on what they do best—making epic beer, cider and wine—without worrying about the large upfront costs of buying and maintaining kegs. Kegshare photo

Busy brewers across Canada are discovering the ease and convenience of Kegshare, a groundbreaking keg rental service combining powerful tracking technology with hands-on human support.

The concept is ingenious in its simplicity. Rather than buying and storing dozens of kegs, brewers can now rent as many—or as few—as needed. By offering low-monthly rates with zero maintenance costs, Kegshare allows brewers to concentrate on what they do best—making epic beer, cider and wine!

Depending on their needs, brewers can choose between three, five and 10-year rental programs, with extra kegs available for short-term leasing to accommodate those specialty summer-inspired IPAs and lagers, or winter-wonderland stouts and ales, which means brewers can save money by not paying storage fees for empty kegs. Brewers also have the option of changing keg sizes at no cost.

When it comes to new breweries, the ability to rent a fleet of kegs instead of buying them outright—before their beer, cider or wine is even out the door—means that’s one huge initial expense brewers can put towards other needs, like specialty hops or those hand-picked spruce buds and needles so popular in winter ales.

To break it down, Kegshare is a software-powered company, which uses an online order and invoicing system for placing and managing orders, tracking delivery and return reports, and can even supply the brewer with a keg’s prior use and history.

There’s an app for that! Kegshare’s app allows brewers to track kegs and deliveries, place and manage orders, and even view kegs’ individual histories. Kegshare photo

And, yes, there’s an app for that.

Brewers use the app’s dashboard to keep track of how many kegs they’re actively using and how many are still available to them. Brewers are guaranteed access to well-maintained kegs, so as soon as one empty is dropped off, the app allows them to scan the Kegshare network to see what’s available near them from one of the many distribution centres conveniently located across Canada.

Brewing is a time-honoured craft steeped in tradition, but that doesn’t mean your keg rental and distribution systems have to remain in the dark ages. Let Kegshare make the logistics of keg rental and distribution easy, convenient and affordable, giving you more time to make great products.

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