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Nicole “Apples” Milkovich, creative director for Brave Brewing Company, says the Brave team approaches their craft with the understanding good things in life are typically the simplest.

“And, our secret ingredient is passion,” says Nicole. “So, we take classic recipes and build on the experience by adding our passion to the process, before, during and after.”

Brave Brewing Company, the latest addition to Brewers Row on Murray Street in Port Moody, took over the former Bakery Brewing space this past November.

So far, Brave has been producing beers on tap, as well as cans to-go, and offering live music on select nights, while a local food truck is supplying snacks. But the Brave team has big plans for expansion, including more beer offerings and a full kitchen. But their main goal, says Nicole, is to continue to make really great beer.

As part of The Growler’s ongoing “Five Questions With…” series, Nicole offered some other insights into Brave Brewing Company.


What’s the inspiration behind the name?

The name is a constant reminder for us to think outside of ourselves. No matter what business we embarked upon, it had to be a vehicle for good. Celebrating acts of selflessness and determination allows us to do that. Hence the name.

Bravery is not about us, it’s about shining a light on the unsung heroes who step up everyday, whether on battlefronts or just down the street.


How did Brave come to be?

The majority of the ownership group worked together at Traction on Demand, a Salesforce services company, which started in a condo in Port Moody. Over 15 years, that company grew to 1,500 people globally and was then acquired by Salesforce in April of 2022. We have always had a love of both beer and Port Moody, and wanted to start a new business — or two or three. So, when the opportunity came up to buy a brewery on Brewer’s Row it seemed like the right thing to do at exactly the right time.

While our roots in marketing, design, technology and of course, beer-crafting excellence may be diverse, our shared passions are what brought us together: good will, great times and amazing beer.

For the founding partners, it is essential that our efforts stand for something bigger than great beer. Our mandate is to build a business that can have a positive impact on the world, beginning with celebrating the courage of unsung heroes everywhere.


At Brave Brewing Company’s tasting room, the mantra is “lead with your heart and your feet will follow.” Supplied photo

What would you consider the hidden gem of your brewery or taproom?

It’s not that hidden, because it is right out front for everyone to see, but our patio is pretty spectacular. For the winter months we have covered it with a tent and added a fire pit and a heater so it can be used all year round. Did I mention the patio is dog friendly?

And, if you don’t feel like going into the brewery to order your beer, you can scan the Ready to Pay app on your table, view our menu, order and pay and one of our servers will bring your order to you. That way your doggo won’t have to chill out alone while you grab your brewski.

Did we mention Brave’s patio is pup-friendly? Supplied photo

How and why is Brave a part of your local community?

The community is the most important thing to us. We want Brave to be a place you can make new friends and become even better friends with the ones you have. Through special events, sponsorship and direct giving, Brave will support the unsung hero in us all: those who quietly calculate risks, face their fears and despite it all, follow their hearts.

We’re putting our money where our name is and pledging 1% of our profit, product, time and equity to support non-profits in our community. We believe success isn’t a ladder you climb — it’s a bridge you build that inspires others to find their courage and help design their own success.


What five words would you use to describe Brave?

Fun. Purposeful. re/Inventive. Bold. Passionate.


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