WATCH: Field House Brewing’s farming journey chronicled in new short film

Abbotsford’s Field House Brewing has long been an advocate for brewing with local ingredients, choosing to make its beers with local hops, fruits and herbs—even locally-sourced yeast. The brewery has even gone a step further, developing underutilized farmland in the Fraser Valley over the past three years to grow its own food for use in its kitchen as well ingredients used in its beer—including growing its own crop of malting barley.

The brewery’s journey towards self-sufficiency and sustainability is chronicled in a new short film called Farm to Field.

According to the brewery, the film aims to share what it looks like for a brewery/restaurant to work closely with a farm, as well as shed light on what the heritage of farming in the Valley can look like in the present.

“The passion behind Field House is trying to grow and create a lot of our own ingredients, and really showcasing what the Fraser Valley has to offer,” says head brewer Parker Reid in the film. “We’re in the hub of agriculture, so it seemed like a no-brainer.”

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