Vancouver’s Postmark Brewing acquired by Craft Collective Beerworks

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Vancouver’s Postmark Brewing announced today the brand has been bought by Craft Collective Beerworks, in a move to allow Postmark to increase production, sales and distribution across the country.

Under the deal, which was negotiated over the past six months according to a press release, Postmark’s founding partners, Steve Thorp, Nate Rayment and Reuben Major, will continue to own and operate the original brewery site, tasting room and retail store at 55 Dunlevy Ave. The founders will also continue to manage the overall brand vision and marketing strategy for Postmark.

The acquisition will free up production space at the Railtown brewery, allowing the building to pivot into the “Postmark Innovation Facility.” The new focus will highlight experimental beers, small batch collaborations, a barrel-aging program and increased Postmark cider production.

Postmark Brewing founders will retain ownership of the brewery at 55 Dunlevy Ave. in Railtown, which will be rebranded as the Postmark Innovation Facility. Contributed photo

With the acquisition, Postmark hopes to have the ability to expand distribution within B.C., Eastern Canada and international markets, and launch a new product line as soon as Spring 2019.

“One of our ongoing roadblocks over the years has been a lack of capacity,” said Rayment in a press release on Monday. “Opportunities were there but we just couldn’t meet the demand due to our space and production constraints. I’m really excited that through this acquisition, the handcuffs will come off and Postmark will now have the opportunity to grow to the potential we have always aimed for.”

The focus of the Postmark Innovation Facility will be experimental beers, small batch collaborations, a barrel-aging program and increased cider production. Contributed photo

The team at Postmark will be retained with co-founder Steve Thorp continuing as Brand Director.

“We feel strongly that the Postmark brand now has the foundation for continued growth on provincial, national and international platforms,” said Thorp. “Craft Collective’s production and sales strength will give us the fuel to invest in brand growth globally so more craft beer fans can enjoy Postmark brews.”

Postmark Brewing opened in 2014 and is currently sold across Western Canada, the Maritimes, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and throughout select locations in Europe.

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