Seabus Memes launching collab with Container Brewing to ‘keep you comfortably lubricated’

First there was Seabus Sauce, now comes Seabus Juice.

Seabus Juice is coming soon. The beer is a collaboration between Seabus Memes and Container Brewing. Container Brewing

One of Vancouver’s most famous (though anonymous) purveyors of memes is striking out into the craft beer industry yet again.

Seabus Juice is currently brewing at East Vancouver’s Container Brewing, as Daddy Seabus collaborates with the brewers there for a second time.

“It’s a radler-style pineapple and passion fruit ale so it’ll be quite fruity and flavourful. A good summer beer for sure,” the meme maker tells V.I.A. in a message. “Proceeds are going to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, which is a cause that’s very important to me.”

Seabus Juice is being launched July 27 as a four-pack in 355 ml cans. It will retail for $14.

“It’s designed to keep you comfortably lubricated throughout your entire voyage and beyond!” Dan Webster, co-owner of Container, tells V.I.A. in an email.

Seabus Juice follows the 2022 Seabus Sauce, an imperial pilsner created by Seabus Memes and Container.

Daddy Seabus x Container

The beer collaborations between the anonymous meme creator and the East Van brewery started thanks to Webster knowing a guy who knew a guy.

“It was basically a friend of a friend who is pals with the Seabus Memes guy and I mentioned he was hilarious,” Webster previously told V.I.A.

Daddy Seabus got wind of this and it led to a discussion about making a beer together. The name Seabus Sauce had been tossed around as a fake brew on the popular Instagram account for a few years, and the pair decided to make it a reality.

The first one was also a fundraiser for the children’s hospital foundation.

—This story by Brendan Kergin originally appeared on Vancouver Is Awesome

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