Craft Collective launches new Spectrum brand for people who hate beer

Craft Collective’s new Spectrum brand hits stores this week. Contributed photo

If there’s one thing I know about beer, it’s that there’s a beer out there for everyone. For those that say they don’t like beer, well, they just haven’t found the right one yet. Which is hardly their fault. I mean, if the only beer I’d ever had was macro swill, then, yeah, I’d probably hate beer too.

East Vancouver’s Craft Collective Beerworks (formerly indie contract brewer Factory Brewing) is hoping to fix that by launching a new line of beers that are aimed directly at people who say they don’t like beer—namely, wine and cocktail drinkers.

Called Spectrum, the plan is for the new beer line to replicate sweet and fruity flavours using traditional beer ingredients, according to marketing director (and, full disclosure, founder of The Growler) Stephen Smysnuik.

“We’re not creating a lineup of beers simply injected with juice,” says Smysnuik. “We want to replicate these flavours using hops and malts, to show that there’s something for everyone when it comes to beer.”

Spectrum launched with three beers this week—Hot Pink Lemonade Sour, Miss Tanjie Tangerine Wheat and Melon Haze Pale Ale (all 5% ABV)—all of which will be available at liquor retailers across the province.

Spectrum’s recipes were created by Craft Collective lab manager Kevin Learning, who’s also a local drag performer, perhaps better known by his alter ego, Anne Xiety, of the Man Up multi-gender drag spectacular and queer dance party. Learning’s work with the Vancouver LGBTQ+ community has inspired Spectrum to work more closely with local queer community groups, including Queers and Beers.

“Our goal was to create something exciting and accessible, that acts as a gateway for new craft beer fans, and shows that craft beer is for everybody,” Learning says.

While no tasting room currently exists, Smysnuik says there are plans to build one in the near future.

In the meantime, check out what Spectrum is up to at or


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