Where to drink this May Long Weekend

Good news everyone! May Long Weekend is right around the corner and it looks like the weather is going to be pretty glorious for a change. It might not officially be summer, but we highly encourage you to get into a summer state of mind.

To that end, here’s some suggestions where you should be drinking this long weekend.


Patio hopping along Brewers Row

In case you didn’t know, the reason Parkside Brewery is called Parkside Brewery is because the brewery is beside the glorious Rocky Point Park in Port Moody. Make the rounds at all four breweries along Brewers Row this weekend, or just grab a growler and some fish and chips from Pajo’s and chill on the grass. Lets be honest, there’s never a bad time to hit Brewers Row.


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Fort Langley Beer and Food Festival

If you’ve never been to Fort Langley, well, you’re in for a treat. Langley’s historic riverfront village is seven different kids of adorable, with leafy streets, well-maintained heritage homes, a walkable town centre, and, of course, the fort. This weekend, the Fort Langley Historic Site is hosting the Fort Langley Beer and Food Festival from 12-6pm on Saturday, May 19. Close to 20 breweries will be taking part, along with tons of local eats. Tickets and info at FortLangley.beer.


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Your backyard/nearest park/beach

You don’t have to leave town to get some fresh air this week, just grab some beers and head to the park. The East Van Baseball League has games all weekend, so definitely check that out (GO SOX!). Most of the spray parks are up and running, so that’s an option, too. Granted, drinking in parks is technically illegal because we’re still at the mercy of outdated puritanical liquor laws. So if you’re drinking at the park, don’t be a jerk, take your empties with you.


Central City’s Across the Nation Collaboration kick-off party

Central City’s crazy ambitious Across the Nation Collaboration 12-pack launches this weekend with a ripping party at the brewery in Surrey that’s open to the public. If you think that’s too far to go, well, included in your ticket is a shuttle that will take you from Downtown Vancouver to the brewery and back. They’ve thought of everything. Tickets and info here.


If you’re going camping this weekend, leave the ukulele at home. Seriously. iStock photo

The great outdoors

For a lot of people, May Long is the first camping trip of the year, so lets go over the basics in case you’re rusty. 1) Don’t bring bottles: glasses breaks, and only rookies bring that shit camping. 2) Make sure you have proper camping gear, and double check the poles are actually in the tent bag. Because if they aren’t, your weekend is gonna suck. 3) If you’re planning on staying at a B.C. Provincial Park campsite, you better have already booked it online. If not, check out the Ministry of Forests’ list of recreation sites here. 4) Forest fires are no joke, yo. If there’s a campfire ban, respect it. 5) Wet wipes. Make sure you bring them. Can’t stress this one enough. 6) People who leave behind garbage at their campsite are terrible lovers. It’s a fact!





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