On tap: new releases from Four Winds, Dageraad and Neighbourhood Brewing

Here’s what we’re sipping in the kiddie pool on the balcony this week…

Tropicae by Four Winds Brewing. Contributed photo

Tropicae by Four Winds Brewing 

IPA • 6.0% ABV • 50 IBU • 473 mL tall cans

The 2021 edition of Tropicae by Delta’s Four Winds Brewing is loaded with hops from the Southern Hemisphere and fermented with Four Winds’ house wild yeast. Expect a soft, tropical fruity take on the IPA overflowing with flavours of ripe tropical fruit. “Popping open a can is like taking a whiff of a tropical breeze with hints of pineapple and papaya in the air.” Currently available through the Four Winds tasting room and online shop, and in liquor stores across the province any day now.

The Natural Order by Dageraad Brewing. Contributed photo

The Natural Order by Dageraad Brewing

Brett IPA • 6.5% ABV • 750 mL bottles

This IPA by Burnaby’s Dageraad Brewing features tropical fruit notes and a vinous white wine character. Two strains of wild yeast were added during fermentation and bottle-conditioning resulting in a balanced earth, fruity character. According to the brewery, “this beer cellars exceptionally well. You might want to pick up two—one to drink fresh, and another to compare after a year’s wait has allowed the brett to transform the beer into a deliciously funky and fruity ale.” Currently available at the brewery and via Dageraad’s online store, and in liquor stores across B.C. any day now.

Be Cool by Neighbourhood Brewing. Contributed photo

Be Cool by Neighbourhood Brewing 

Lemon Ginger Berliner Weisse • 3.5% ABV • 2 IBU • 355 mL cans

This tart and refreshing little number comes courtesy of Penticton’s Neighbourhood Brewing. The traditional Berliner-style sour wheat ale gets pumped up with lemon and ginger and the result is a crushable session sour that’s perfect for hot summer days floating down the canal (once it reopens). Available now on tap and in cans to-go at the brewery.

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