Drink This! Midnight Train by Boombox Brewing Company

Midnight Train by Boombox Brewing. Rob Mangelsdorf photo

I don’t want to alarm you, but I think it might have snowed. You could look out the window and find out for yourself, but thankfully we have Facebook to show us hundreds of photos of everyone’s front yard/street. What a time to be alive.

Since the world is clearly coming to an end, I say embrace the snowpocalypse, stay inside, get cosy, and crack a damn beer! But not just any beer, mind you. You need something that’s full-bodied, intensely flavourful and with enough alcohol in it to warm you up.

Imperial stouts and Belgian dubbels are just what the non-licenced beer doctor ordered. Big and boozy, they’ll coat your insides and wrap you in a blanket of flavour. These are beers that have achieved maximum hygge: the Scandinavian art of cosy contentedness.

Boombox’s Midnight Train has hygge out the wazoo.

We’re talking massive chocolate and vanilla, coconut and coffee, lactose sweetness and a full, chewy body. Curl up with a can of this and you’ll forget all about how ridiculous your commute tomorrow is going to be.


Midnight Train by Boombox Brewing Company

8.8% ABV • 473 mL tall cans

Appearance: Very dark brown to black, with a chocolately brown head that evaporates almost instantly.

Aroma: Malty, roasty, cocoa, coffee, vanilla.

Flavour: Chocolate, vanilla, caramel, coffee, coconut, roasted malt, molasses, sweet, very smooth, low alcoholic warmth, a smidge of hop bitterness on the back end.

Body/Finish: Chewy and sweet.

Pairs with: A scoop of vanilla ice cream, barbecue, a crackling fireplace (or a rusty space heater) and calling out of work tomorrow because screw that, you’re not driving in that bullshit.

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