Dog Mountain Brewing photo

Best Belgian-Style Ale // BEES!
Unsung Hero of Craft Beer

You know, if I ever had to move away from Victoria, Port Alberni might just be at the top of my list of destinations. Its location at the heart of Vancouver Island makes it close to everywhere else—heck, you have to drive through Port Alberni to get to Tofino. And it’s always the Island’s hot spot when they announce the weather on the radio. Most importantly, this small community has three great breweries, including Dog Mountain Brewing, which may not be quite as well known as it should be. Hopefully, winning awards like this will help get it some more attention. 

Founders Andy Richards and Robin Miles decided to move to Vancouver Island from Edmonton with the goal of opening their own brewery. Robin had a biological science degree from the University of Alberta where she managed a yeast biotechnology lab. When they moved to B.C. she took SFU’s Craft Beer and Brewing Essentials course and then got her feet wet at Russell Brewing before they moved to Port Alberni to build the brewery. Since launching Dog Mountain, Andy and Robin brew as a team—Andy’s thirst for new styles is what keeps their beer menu changing regularly.

Dog Mountain’s best attribute has to be its massive, dog-friendly, rooftop patio, which boasts stellar sunset views of the Alberni Valley and the Alberni Inlet. It will likely be the first thing that gets your attention when you visit the brewery, but the beer and food will be what keeps you coming back. 

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