2019 GROWLER AWARD WINNER PROFILE: House of Funk Brewing

House of funk
Contributed photo

GOLD – Best New Brewery
SILVER – Best Collab Beer // Patience is a Virtue

When it comes to brewing, North Vancouver’s House of Funk isn’t just limiting itself to beer. The Growlie’s 2019 New Brewery of the Year has managed to stand out in an ever-crowded market thanks to its ability to innovate with beer, as well as coffee.

House of Funk Brewing was created to challenge the status quo of beer and coffee, cultivating an environment of experimentation with a devotion to quality. Its small batch system allows the brewery to push boundaries and experiment with its brews, and serve up fresh and unique flavours more frequently.

On the beer side, every single batch House of Funk brews is fermented or conditioned in wood, or subjected to an onslaught of wild yeast, souring bacteria and other funky micro-organisms.

On the coffee side, House of Funk roasts light with the freshest beans from the Southern Hemisphere, working with two different local and family-run companies in Vancouver who go down to origin to develop and maintain relationships with the farmers directly.
Either way, the end result is unique and delicious.


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