Drink this: Wild Card by Windfall Cider

Wild Card by Windfall Cider

There’s a growing overlap between beer and cider, and I’m not just talking about the lucrative craft beverage market. Craft beer is increasingly taking inspiration from cider and vice versa. There’s beer/cider hybrid styles that have emerged, like graf (which […]

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Drink this: Sparkling Sagardo by Nomad

Sparkling Sagardo by Nomad Handcrafted Ciders

Here we are, Week 3 of the COVID-19 outbreak and I have to be honest, being stuck inside for this long is starting to mess with me. As I was telling my new imaginary friend, Baron Von Pillowface, the other […]

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Cider 101: WTF is Perry?

sea cider ginger perry

With the explosion in B.C. craft cider in recent years, local cideries are expanding their lineup to include different styles and flavours. Enter the humble perry; it’s cider’s dry, delicious cousin and an increasing number of B.C. cideries are producing […]

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Drink this: The Hostler by BX Press

Just as craft beer has exploded over the past decade, reaching every corner of this province, so too has cider. That’s why—as you might have noticed in the latest edition of The Growler—we’re now including cider in the delicious adult […]

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B.C cider takes a walk on the wild side

Craft cider is taking a walk on the wild side these days, delighting our palates with the complexities of natural fermentation   Given that B.C. is the apple basket of Canada, it makes perfect sense that local bars, restaurants and […]

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