Retro-themed Wayback Brewing opens in Surrey

Board games & beer

Award-winning Callister Brewring in East Van closing taproom, but not the whole business

Tofino Brewing Company

“Tuff Sesh, dude. That last wave was, like, totally Kelp Stout. Dude was a Hoppin’ Cretin for attempting it.” Some of the beer names may sound like Tofino surfer code, but there’s nothing inscrutable about the liquid itself. These are […]

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Tin Whistle

Penticton’s oldest brewery was born during the second wave of B.C. craft brewing. Since then, they’ve kept their head down, plugging away at new recipes that often build upon the last. They’ve been tough to find outside the Okanagan, but […]

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Drinkin' for Jesus!

If you, like me, are sane, reasonable and a little cheap, you’ll  see the Advent calendars produced by Phillips Brewing and by Parallel 49 / Central City this year at the liquor store and balk at the $60-plus price tag. […]

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The hand that rocks the label

Richard Hatter had a difficult job and he knew it. His firm, Hired Guns, had been tapped to redesign the label for Fat Tug, one of B.C.’s most influential beers – and one that already had an iconic label. According […]

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Gluten for Punishment

As a ruggedly handsome 43-year-old man with a lustrous ginger beard, an open-minded palate, near-perfect digestion and guts of iron, I have never had an issue with gluten. If I could make love to it or shower in the stuff, […]

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Know your freaky hangover cures, people

First, there was alcohol. And it was good. Then – likely the next morning – came the nauseous, head-pounding hangover. And it was very bad. For thousands of years, different cultures all over the world have suffered hangovers, and have […]

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The Growler guide to Portland

There’s too bloody much to do in Portland. You might know this. If not…dude. Every district has a dozen little neighbourhoods, all of which are self-contained with every kind of restaurant imaginable, countless bars, excellent coffee shops, strip joints and, […]

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