Main St. Brewing partners with Kevin Smith to release a Jay and Silent Bob beer

The two Kevin Smith beers with Mooby. Contributed photo

Fans of beer and Jay and Silent Bob unite!

Actually, that Venn diagram is probably pretty much a perfect circle.

All the same, the two worlds are officially meeting at Main Street Brewing, where director and Silent Bob himself Kevin Smith has partnered for two brews.

“Say hello to the Smodcast ‘Have a Week’ Juicy Pale Ale and the Jay & Silent Bob ‘Beers! Beers! Beers!’ Lager,” states the Main Street Instagram.

On one of the cans, Jay and Silent Bob are standing in front of a Mooby’s, the fictional fast-food restaurant from the View Askewniverse that’s come alive in Vancouver for part of March.

“The Jay & Silent Bob ‘Beers! Beers! Beers!’ Lager celebrates the dynamic cinematic duo (and Silent Bob’s longtime — ahem — Mewes) in a perfectly crisp, clean and easy drinking 4.5% ABV lager for all occasions. Or, y’know, hanging out in front of the neighbourhood Quick Stop and harassing passersby. It’s inspired by Jay’s rap from the iconic Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back entry in the View Askewniverse,” states the brewery.

This is the rap they are referring to. Warning, it’s very NSFW.

That pop-up burger joint is actually sticking around a bit longer, too; Dublin Calling, which is hosting Mooby’s right now, has announced they’ll remain the host until March 28.

This story was originally published by Vancouver Is Awesome.

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