What to drink at the Whistler Village Beer Festival

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If you think Whistler is strictly a ski and snowboard destination, you are so dead wrong. That town bumps all year round (I blame/credit the Australians), and one of the best parties of the year is the Whistler Village Beer Festival, running from Sept. 11-16, 2018. The main event at the Olympic Plaza on Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 15 and 16) features more than 65 breweries and cideries pouring hundreds of refreshing bevvies. What better destination for a late summer impromptu road trip?

Since you will naturally be overwhelmed by both the incredible scenery and the incredible selection of beer, we’re here to make you’re life easier (and tastier) with our list of what we’re looking forward to drinking up in Whistler. Try them all, or don’t! We’re not the boss of you!


Bomber Brewing’s Park Life. File photo

Bomber Brewing, Park Life Passion Fruit Ale

At this point, Park Life is borderline iconic. This deliciously refreshing passion fruit ale has earned a place amongst the pantheon of Great B.C. Craft Beers like Fat Tug, Nectarous, Dark Matter and Blue Buck, in my opinion. Can you even imagine summer without it? Of course you can’t, because that’s literally impossible.


Moody Ales’ Huge Citrus. Rob Mangelsdorf photo

Moody Ales, Huge Citrus Hazy Pale

A West Coast take on the popular East Coast hazy pale ale style, Huge Citrus does what it says on the tin (or the aluminum, in this case). Bursting with bold citrus flavour, but with a bracing dry finish that only encourages you to have another (and another…).


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Postmark Brewing, Dry Hopped Sour IPA

If there’s one thing that’s great about Postmark’s beers (there’s many things, actually), it’s that it’s so easy to drink, like, eight of them if you’re not careful. The Dry Hopped Sour IPA is a bold offering for them, but true to form, it’s well-balanced and so delicious.


Mt. Begbie Brewing’s Brave Liver. Rob Mangelsdorf photo

Mt. Begbie Brewing, Brave Liver Scotch Ale

Maybe it’s not all about the hazy, citrusy, hoppy ales. Maybe you want to change things up. Maybe we’ve all completely forgotten what deliciously rich, malty beers taste like. Well, this perennial award-winner is here to remind us.


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Electric Bicycle Brewing Co., Pink Peppercorn IPA

EBBC is a refreshing blast of batshit crazy in Vancouver’s uber hip beer scene. The as-yet-unreleased Pink Peppercorn IPA promises to be another creative take on the West Coast craft classic. At least there’s no ramen in this one!


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The Beer Farmers, Cover Crop Hazy IPA

The Beer Farmers recently opened up in Pemberton and we haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, and you probably haven’t, either. This hazy IPA promises to be juicy with low bitterness. Yes, please!

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