Five questions with… LoveShack Libations

Former homebrewer Dave Paul opened LoveShack Libations in 2017. Supplied photo

After moving from Whistler to Parksville/Qualicum Beach in 2005, Dave Paul and wife Rachel had big dreams and even larger ideas for opening a brewery, but had very little space. That’s when they came up with the concept for LoveShack Libations nanobrewery.

Fast forward to 2022, and Love Shack Libations is going stronger then ever, producing award-winning beers that have since made the brewing industry sit up and take notice.

As part of The Growler’s ongoing “Five Questions With…” series, Dave offered some insights into Love Shack Libations.

What’s the inspiration behind the name?

When we moved from Whistler/Pemberton to Vancouver Island in 2005, we lived in a tent for six weeks (with a nine-month-old) while I built a 12-foot x 16-foot structure we called the “Love Shack.” We then lived in the shack for 3.5 years while I built our house.


How did Love Shack Libations come to be?

I started home brewing in the Love Shack and got carried away. My wife suggested I open my own brewery, so I decided to do it as small as possible and do it all myself. I opened Feb. 11, 2017.

The tasting room tables get wheeled in and out of the brewery space for the twice-weekly opening hours. Supplied photo

What would you consider the hidden gem of your brewery or taproom?

The tasting room is in the middle of the brewery. Everything is on wheels, the brewhouse gets pushed to the side and communal live edge tables get wheeled out. The true hidden gem is no cell reception and communal tables, which equals actual conversations. Plus — all hand-bottled, bottle conditioned beers. I’ve hand bottled around 180,000 bottles so far.

LoveShack Libations is a social hub in the community. Supplied photo

How and why is Love Shack a part of your local community?

I’m only open eight-hours a week (Wed. 5-9 p.m. and Sat. 1-5 p.m.) so the brewery has turned into a social hub at those two times for the community. It’s a safe welcoming space for the diverse mix of awesome people in the Oceanside area.


What five words would you use to describe Love Shack Libations?

Love. Passion. Fun. Bottle-conditioned (two words – I know.) Delicious.

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