On Tap! New beers from Dageraad, Four Winds and Driftwood

Here’s what we’re looking forward to blasting our palates with this week!

10˚ by Dageraad Brewing
10˚ by Dageraad Brewing. Contributed photo

10˚ by Dageraad Brewing

10.5% ABV • 650 mL bottles

Happy day! We’ve been waiting since 2016 to try the next edition of this Belgian quadrupel by Burnaby’s Dageraad Brewing.

Brewer/owner Ben Coli describes 10˚ as Dageraad’s secular homage to the strong, dark ales brewed by Trappist monks in Belgium.

“The strength of the wort and the addition of exotic, unrefined sugars has tormented the yeast into producing magnificently complex fruit and spice notes to complement the beer’s malty profundity. Its flavour will develop for up to three years in the bottle if properly stored.”

The beer hasn’t been available for the past two years due to the 2017 and 2018 batches both being lost (for different reasons).

“This year’s is good, so good. Might be our best yet,” says Coli. “I think we broke the curse.”


Vexillum by Four Winds Brewing
Vexillum by Four Winds Brewing. Contributed photo

Vexillum by Four Winds Brewing Co.

9.0% ABV • 100 IBUs • 650 mL bottles

Four Winds’ beast of an imperial IPA is back for its only annual appearance, so you’re going to want to snatch this one up real quick.

“Vexillum is an ancient Imperial Roman symbol for strength and nobility. This insistently hoppy IPA reveals notes of grapefruit and melon while finishing bitter, yet affably balanced,” according to the brewery.

Approach this beer with caution, though. It may be 9.0% ABV, but it doesn’t taste like it!


Singularity by Driftwood Brewing
Singularity by Driftwood Brewing. Contributed photo

Singularity by Driftwood Brewing

13.2% ABV • 650 mL bottles

It’s baaaaaack! Driftwood’s annual Singularity release is here. This massive bourbon barrel-aged Russian imperial stout is a black hole of flavour, with intense rich coffee and chocolate colliding with vanilla and dried fruit. Try it now or cellar it for a year or two. Better yet, both!



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