Drink this: Santa’s Sac by Bridge Brewing Co.

Santa’s Sac by Bridge Brewing Co. Rob Mangelsdorf photo

With Christmas approaching, I thought it might be appropriate to get into the spirit with a holiday-themed beer this week—so I decided to have a taste of Santa’s Sac, by Bridge Brewing Co.

While the label says golden strong ale, Santa’s Sac comes across as more of a Belgian tripel, with it’s pronounced notes of banana and clove. Santa’s Sac also lacks the creaminess and gushing carbonation of a traditional Belgian golden strong. In fact, there’s barely any head at all. It does deliver loads of fruity, spicy flavour, however, climaxing with a dry, slightly astringent finish that is deeply pleasing.

This ballsy Belgian ale clocks in at a boozy 10.0% ABV. Not everyone will be able to handle Santa’s Sac, but don’t let the high alcohol content put you off—you’d be nuts not to give Santa’s Sac a try, at least once.

It might seem like low-hanging fruit, but if you like strong winter seasonals, Santa’s Sac is sure to leave you satisfied.


Santa’s Sac by Bridge Brewing Co.

Belgian Golden Strong Ale • 10.0% ABV • 30 IBU • 650 mL bottles

Appearance: Translucent copper with a thin, fleeting off-white head.

Aroma: Banana, clove, spice, bubble gum.

Flavour: Spice, clove, banana, fruit, pepper, cereal, earthy hop character, mild alcoholic heat.

Body/Finish: Medium bodied with a dry, slightly astringent finish.

Pairs with: Coq au vin, tomato and basil risotto balls, plum pudding and I’m truly sorry if you’ve made it this far.



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