Drink this: Secret Galaxies by Boombox Brewing

Secret Galaxies by Boombox Brewing Co.
Secret Galaxies by Boombox Brewing Co. Rob Mangelsdorf photo

In the brave new world of craft beer, you don’t even need your own brewery to make amazing brews. Case in point: Boombox Brewing Company. This hazy hype can brand is making big waves with its delicious IPAs and killer packaging. Boombox got its start as one of Callister Brewing’s start-up partners, before moving to Dogwood Brewing and then settling at Parallel 49. The beers are brewed on P49’s equipment and under its manufacturing licence and are even available on tap in the tasting room.

There’s a lot of mixed feeling about contract brewing and “shadow brands” from within the beer industry, but as Boombox proves—as does Superflux and Doan’s, to name a few—the business model is helping improve the B.C. craft beer scene.

Not everyone who gets into the craft beer business is independently wealthy, has rich parents, in-laws or recently deceased long lost relatives to bankroll their craft beer ambitions. Some people have to build their brand up from nothing, and contract brewing allows them to get their foot in the door, establish themselves in the industry and hopefully attract some investment.

In the end, though, it doesn’t really matter, does it? As far as the consumer is concerned, if the beer is good and they connect with branding, they’re going to pick it up. And Boombox has been knocking it out the park on both fronts.

Its latest release, Secret Galaxies, is a super, juicy hazy IPA (surprise) and it’s damn delicious (surprise). This thing looks and smells like a tropical fruit smoothie, with big pineapple, passion fruit, melon and apricot flavours and a body so thick it can’t find anything in its size at H&M. The shiny metallic prismatic label is a nice touch, too.

These hazy hop bombs don’t last long—which is a good thing because their shelf life is notoriously short—so get while you can.

Secret Galaxies by Boombox Brewing Co.

Hazy IPA • 6.8% ABV • 473 mL tall cans

Appearance: Opaque amber/peach colour with a persistent rocky white head.

Aroma: Pineapple, melon, passion fruit, tropical fruit.

Flavour: Tropical, fruity, melon, stone fruit, pineapple, passion fruit, grapefruit.

Body/finish: Creamy, full-bodied with a dry finish and moderate hop bitterness.

Pairs with: Thai curry, carne asada steak fajitas and standardized clothing measurements.



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