Drink this: Friendship Bracelet by Yellow Dog and Four Winds

Friendship Bracelet by Yellow Dog Brewing (collab w/ Four Winds Brewing). Photo by Rob Mangelsdorf

There’s so many awesome things about the B.C. craft beer scene, but easily the No. 1 super duper bestest awesome thing is how all the breweries are totally open to working together to make great beer.

Collaborations between seemingly “competing” breweries happen all the time. Why? Because brewers love beer, and they love making beer with other people who love beer. The end result? Amazing beer, that you’re going to love.

Friendship Bracelet is a dainty little number from Port Moody’s Yellow Dog Brewing and Delta’s Four Winds Brewing, both of which have a long and storied history of knocking it our of the park. These best buds got together, braided each other’s hair, gave each other back massages and weaved those little multi-coloured bracelets you used to wear in elementary school. Also, they finally got around to brewing a beer together, and guess what: it’s delicious!

Friendship Bracelet is a mellow, crushable take on a saison with a delicate fruit character. A lot of saisons punch you in the face with the ester-forward spiciness. Not this beer. There is a characteristic pepper note, but it’s subdued and balanced. And while the fruit character is present, it doesn’t out compete the other elements of the beer; it’s delicate but exceptionally well balanced.

So grab a friend and crack one of these. And if you don’t have any friends, share a beer with some strangers and make some.


Friendship Bracelet by Yellow Dog Brewing (collab w/ Four Winds Brewing)

5.3% ABV • 20 IBU • 473 mL tall cans

Appearance: Translucent straw yellow, with a white pillowy head.

Nose: Cracker, mandarin orange, passion fruit, spice.

Flavour: Citrus, delicate tropical fruit notes, mild pepper, stone fruit, cracker-like malt character, delicately flavoured.

Body/Finish: Light bodied with a tart, dry finish.

Pairs with: Prawn tacos, chicken salad (although, you don’t win friends with salad), matching T-shirts and spreading vicious rumours behind each others backs.

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