Drink This! Cherry Sour by Red Collar Brewing Co.

Rob Mangelsdorf photo

Take a trip around beautiful British Columbia and you’ll find that just about every town now has a brewery on its Main Street, alongside the bakery, the bank and the butchershop. It’s easy to get stuck in the Vancouver bubble, but once you get outside of the big city it quickly becomes apparent that there’s amazing beer being made just about everywhere in this province.

Take Red Collar Brewing Co. in Kamloops for example. The brainchild of craft brewing veteran David Beardsell, Red Collar has been putting out impressive beers that I think are flying under the radar, at least down here in the Lower Mainland.

Beardsell has brewed beer all over the world for nearly 30 years (including stops in England, India and even Western Samoa) but decided Kamloops would be the place to open up his own brewery in 2014, in part because the water in Canada’s Tournament Capital is perfect for brewing. His brewery on Kamloops’ main drag—with its spacious, pub-like tasting room—is a must-visit if you ever find yourself in the ‘Loop.

Red Collar recently released its Cherry Sour, and it’s a refreshingly tart, light-bodied sour ale that won’t pucker your face off. The acidity is tastefully restrained, allowing it complement the tart cherry flavour without overpowering it. The end result is flavourful and clean, with a bright effervescence and a tart finish.

Be careful, though. This beer boasts a 7.0% ABV, but it hides it very well. While you might be happy toss back a half dozen of these, your night will not end well if you do.


Cherry Sour by Red Collar Brewing Co. (7.0% ABV, 10 IBU)

Appearance: Translucent, ruby rose colour with a fine off-pink head.

Aroma: Fruit, cherry, sour, faint biscuit.

Flavour: Tart cherry, cranberry, fruity, bright but balanced acidity, slight biscuit malt character.

Body: Light bodied with a crisp, dry, tart finish.

Pairs with: Ceviche, barbecued beef brisket and spontaneous road trips to the Interior.


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