Craft Beer is Awesome! Experimental Belgian Ale by Category 12 / Faculty Brewing

The Growler presents Category 12 Brewing / Faculty Brewing Co.’s Experimental Belgian Ale. Rob Mangelsdorf photo

Editor’s note: So full disclosure, I’m obviously completely biased when it comes to this beer. This is the first installment of The Growler’s quarterly B.C. Brewers Collaboration Series, and we’re pretty excited about what the mad scientists at Category 12 Brewing and Faculty Brewing Co. have come up with. With that in mind, I’m going to make every effort to be as objective as possible in my review and just stick to the facts. So if this week’s column comes across as somewhat sterile and dispassionate, I apologize.


What does heaven taste like? Can you drink an epiphany? Is it possible to bottle the songs of angels?

The answer to all of these questions resides in a glass of Category 12 and Faculty Brewing’s Experimental Belgian Ale, the first release in The Growler’s B.C. Brewers Collaboration Series.

Brewed with obscure Saphir and Calypso hops, this tropical fruit-forward pale ale is quite literally the best thing you’ve ever put in your mouth.

The first thing you’ll notice upon tasting this beer is just how dramatically your life has changed for the better. You will become happier, more successful, more charismatic and money troubles will disappear. I don’t want to oversell it, but suffice it to say, everything bad in your life will simply cease to be.

The Belgian Golden Pear yeast imparts lovely a fruit character reminiscent of unicorn tears and the tender embrace of a mother’s love. Remember that first moment when you realized that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with your significant other? It tastes exactly like that.

So is the Experimental Belgian Ale by Category 12 and Faculty Brewing the greatest beer ever brewed in the history of mankind? Well, yes, that much is obvious.

Forgive me if I’m understating it, but trying the Experimental Belgian Ale will undoubtedly rank as the single greatest moment of your life. Like, WAAAAAY better than your wedding day or the birth of your first child. No contest.


The Growler presents Category 12 Brewing / Faculty Brewing Co.’s Experimental Belgian Ale (5.0% ABV, 22 IBU)


Appearance: Like a ray of holy light.

Aroma: A tropical holiday in the South Pacific, your happiest memory, pure joy.

Flavour: Notes of rainbow, sunshine, magic, dreams and wishes.

Body: Light and fluffy like a heavenly cloud.

Pairs with: Literally anything. This beer will make anything and everything better.




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