twin city brewing
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GOLD – Unsung Hero
GOLD – Best Board Game Selection
SILVER – Brewery of the Year
SILVER – Best Food Program
SILVER – Best Place to Drink in the Afternoon Without Judgement
BRONZE – Best West Coast/Specialty IPA // Run of the Mill IPA
BRONZE – Best Fruit Beer // Late Bloomer

Twin City Brewing is the quintessential example of all that is good and right about the craft beer revolution. It was founded by a young couple who grew up in Port Alberni, moved away to Nanaimo for college, and then chose to return to Port Alberni to build their brewery. They wanted to be part of a wave of new businesses run by young entrepreneurs that are revitalizing the economy of this mid-island mill town. Using a crowd-funding project, they raised money from the local community while building brand awareness around their brewery before it even opened. Smart. Personally, I fully expect owner/brewer Aaron Colyn to be mayor of Port Alberni one day.

The other thing that makes this brewery a craft beer poster child is that Colyn and his brewers make exceptional beer, but you have to travel there in person to taste it because they sell every drop through their tasting room and don’t have any extra capacity for packaging. And taking that one step further is the simply delectable food served in the tasting room kitchen, including fantastic pizzas cooked to order and smoked meat sandwiches from their on-site smokehouse.

Twin City picked up seven medals this year in the Growlies, including gold for Unsung Hero as the small market brewery most deserving of recognition. It looks like the secret is out.


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