Celebrate Canadian Beer Day this Oct. 9

Every day is a good day to celebrate beer, but Oct. 9 might be an even better day. All of Canada is invited to raise a glass of locally produced beer in unison on Canadian Beer Day.

The association behind the event is Beer Canada: a trade association representing their Canadian brewer members. They advocate for the industry at the federal level and are a resource for trade data and resources.

Their membership ranges from the very oldest and largest brewers in the country to some of the smallest and newest. The board includes representation from Molson-Coors, Moosehead, Lake of the Woods Brewing Company and Newfoundland’s Storm Brewing. Their members account for about 90 per cent of the beer produced in this country.

“Canadian Beer Day is a time to celebrate Canadian beer from coast to coast and around the world,” explains Luke Harford, president of Beer Canada. “It’s happening for the first time this year on Oct. 9 and will occur every year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We chose this date to tie in the end of the barley harvest and the uniquely Canadian holiday.”

The association is even working to have this event added to the Parliamentary calendar, in hopes of further leveraging the day to elevate the status of Canadian beer here in at home. Canadian Beer Day participation is so simple that many Canadians might join in without even knowing.

“It’s very easy to take part,” explains Harford. “Simply grab a Canadian beer and spend some time with friends. People can stop in at their local bar, restaurant or brewery, or pick up a brew at their local beer store to enjoy at home. Together we can toast to Canada’s nearly 1000 breweries and to an industry that contributes $13.6 billion to the GDP.” You can track the fun through their Instagram page.

The association themselves will be celebrating at the Canadian Beer Day launch party at Great Western Brewing in Saskatoon. If you’re in Saskatoon, you can join in and enjoy a variety of brews from across the Great White North, all of which can be paired with a delicious menu from Top Chef Canada winner Dale Mackay.

On Oct. 9, make sure you’ve got some local beer in the fridge or get out to the nearest pub to celebrate!

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