Five questions with Neighbourhood Brewing

Photo courtesy of Neighbourhood Brewing

Sydney Nikulka, marketing director for Penticton, B.C.-based Neighbourhood Brewing, says the brewery’s mission has always been to create world-class craft beer with personality — “beer that is memorable and beer you’ll want to have more than just one of.”

Sydney says Neighbourhood Brewing is a place where great beer meets deliciously inventive food and where friends and family come together to have a good time. She notes, while the brewery’s kitchen is Mexican-inspired, it offers a world of flavour.

Located in the heart of Penticton, Neighbourhood Brewing is surrounded by two beautiful lakes and vast mountain ranges.

As part of The Growler’s ongoing “Five Questions With…” series, Sydney offered some insight into what else is behind Neighbourhood Brewing.

Photo courtesy of Neighbourhood Brewing

What’s the inspiration behind the name?

Neighbourhood is all about beer made by friends, for friends! We’re a space where everyone and anyone is welcome to enjoy a refreshing beer and delicious food. We knew we wanted to be a meeting point for everyone to gather.

How did Neighbourhood Brewing come to be?

Neighbourhood is the brainchild of two couples from Port Moody B.C., Mike and Melinda Coghill, the owners of the popular Yellow Dog Brewing on Brewers Row, and John and Jessie Main. The couples fell in love with Penticton and decided to start a new venture in the sunny Okanagan — and Neighbourhood Brewing was born.

Neighbourhood Brewing’s large patio is pet-friendly, shaded and has a mister! Also maybe this puppy. Photo courtesy of Neighbourhood Brewing

What would you consider the hidden gem of your brewery or taproom?

Our gem is in plain sight. Our large patio is the star of the show in the summer season due to the fact it’s on-leash, pet-friendly, comfortably shaded and, when it gets scorching hot, we have our patio misters to keep you cool.

How and why is your brewery part of your local community?

Supporting our community is a big part of what makes us who we are, whether that’s sponsoring charity golf tournaments, keeping people hydrated at the Neighbourhood Watch in the South Okanagan Events Centre, or donating the proceeds of select beers to local organizations.

Photo courtesy of Neighbourhood Brewing

What five words would you use to describe Neighbourhood Brewing?

In a nutshell, Neighbourhood Brewing can be described as: Inclusive. Innovative. Community-driven. Passionate. Delicious. And, a sneaky sixth word — growing.

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