Five beers to drink with dad this Father’s Day

This Sunday, June 16, is National Drink A Beer With Your Dad Day, a.k.a. Father’s Day. iStock photo

This Sunday is Father’s Day, which means it’s time to take your old man out for an awkward dinner and maybe grab him a six-pack while you’re at it. Or maybe another tie? No, definitely go with the six-pack.

But dads can be a fickle bunch, especially when it comes to beer. They like what they like, and a lot of them aren’t into your fancy, new-fangled craft beers.

And that’s alright, because literally every dad in the universe loves a good, cold, crisp lager, preferably after they’ve mowed the lawn. (Editor’s note: It’s true, I did a poll. 100% of all dads everywhere love lagers.)

So here are some suggestions for locally made, totally killer dad lagers to surprise that guy that helped raise you, or at the very least provided the genetic material that led to your eventual existence.


Road Trip Classic Lager by Red Truck Beer

This dad beer features a sweet classic truck on the can, which is the dad-liest thing ever. It’s also a solid, crushable lager that won a gold medal at the 2019 Canadian Brewing Awards and the 2019 Canadian International Beer Awards. For what it’s worth (which is very little), it’s my dad’s favourite beer.


Craft Lager by Parallel 49 Brewing

Lawn’s looking good, dad! Uh-huh. Yeah. Wow. I did not know that about grass. Yeah. Fascinating. You don’t say? I didn’t even know you could aerate grass. Well, there ya go. Yeah. Ok. Hey, so are you all done then? How about a beer? I think you’ll like this one. Yes, it tastes like beer, dad. No, it’s not hoppy. Just try it. See? Pretty good, right? Cheers, dad. Happy Father’s Day.


Kölsch by Doan’s Craft Brewing

Don’t let the strange, foreign-sounding name or the can design that looks like… art*shudder*… turn off your old man. Pour him a glass in the kitchen before he can see it. Light bodied with touch more malt character than your North American lager, but he’ll come around.


Helios by Hoyne Brewing

This crisp, refreshing golden lager is made in the Dortmunder style, which was originally designed to slake the thirsts of hard working German miners. No doubt your dad has worked up quite the thirst from all the hard work it took to raise you, too! As a father, myself, I can confirm this beer is Dad Approved®.


Langford Lager by Axe & Barrel Brewing Co.

Be careful with this one. There is some discernible hop character here, which gives this easy-drinking beer a lovely crisp finish, but it might scare off some dads. It did win a gold medal at the 2018 B.C. Beer Awards, though, and dads totally care about that sort of thing.

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