Drink this: Wowawasa by Four Winds Brewing

Drink this: Wowawasa by Four Winds Brewing Co.

While we’re all caught up in COVID-19 pandemic madness, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that despite the social distancing, self-isolation and constant impending doom, we still have it pretty damn good in this safe and stable corner […]

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Drink This: Lekkers by Dageraad Brewing

Lekkers by Dageraad Brewing

Do beer styles even matter anymore? The Beer Judge Certification Program officially recognizes 34 styles and 117 sub-styles of beer in its 2015 beer style guidelines. I’m a BJCP Certified Judge, myself, and while beer styles are important for bringing […]

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Drink this: IPA by Partake Brewing

The New Year is here, and with it, our annual chagrined appraisal of our lives resulting in more impossible goals that are sure to set us up for failure. Again. I’m going easy on myself this year. My New Year’s […]

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Drink this: Run Free by Yellow Dog Brewing

Run Free by Yellow Dog Brewin

Cocktail inspired beers are so hot right now, and for good reason. The familiar flavours of an old fashioned or a whisky sour have remained relevant for more than 100 years because they work. They are delicious and balanced—with elements […]

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