Yellow Dog


Mankind’s two best friends, dogs and beer, naturally pair well together. That, along with having tasty beers, explains Yellow Dog’s popularity. The brewery has fetched herds of thirsty patrons from its Port Moody neighborhood and beyond. Also, if you were wondering: the brewery was named after founders Mike and Melinda Coghill’s lab, Chase.


Chase My Tail
Dry-hopping in this classic West Coast pale make it stand out from the pack.

Play Dead
Mosiac and Citra hops are easy to sniff on this bold IPA.

Sit And Stay
A standout style. The spicy, fruity nature of a Belgian, bred with the mildly hoppy easy-going nature of an ISA.

Shake A Paw
This porter won best in show, and it’s easy to see why. Dark, smooth, with hints of rich chocolate and coffee, with an underlying subtle smokiness.

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Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog

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