Wheelhouse Brewing


This “little brewery at the end of the road on the left side of British Columbia” was the talk of the Great Canadian Beer Festival this past September. Everyone was talking about their Scurvy Dog Spruce Ale and First Mate White IPA collaboration with Yellow Dog–and justifiably so. Founded by three friends who have thus far kept their day jobs, this small operation has grown into a community hub. –JW

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Kazu Maru IPA

Named for a missing Japanese fishing boat that reappeared all the way across the Pacific Ocean in Prince Rupert.

Flagship Pale Ale

A bold, hop-forward west coast pale ale with a malty backbone supporting Citra, Cascade and Centennial hops.

Blacksmith Brown Ale

The brewery’s building was once a harbour blacksmith’s shop so this robust brown ale pays homage to that heritage.

Smokehouse Porter

Pair this robust, smoky porter with a roaring fire and a good book during a winter storm.

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Wheelhouse Brewing

Wheelhouse Brewing

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