Tree Brewing


Kicking off the craft beer revolution in a town dominated by wine, Tree has been fighting the good fight since 1996. In 2014, they opened the Tree Brewing Beer Institute in downtown K-Town, where experimental, fresh beer goes straight from tank to tap. Grab a seat in the Hop Garden patio to escape the beach-bros.


HopHead IPA

The first “serious” IPA made for Canada-wide consumption, it introduced many to the wonders of hoppy, bitter liquid gold.

Jumpin’ Jack IPA

Liquid pumpkin pie for hopheads. Citrus and grapefruit aromas of an IPA working with subtle nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar hits. Also: pumpkins were used in the mash.


A medium-bodied winter ale with caramel sweetness and nuttiness, finishing with a cool vanilla finish.

Trappist Artist

This unfiltered, dry-hopped dubbel pours dark amber, and is big on malty sweetness. There’s hits of raisin, plum with spicy clove notes and fruit flavors.

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Tree Brewing

Tree Brewing

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