Three B.C. beers you have to try this winter

Here at The Growler, we love to pair our beer with the seasons. Here are three we think you should try, with handy links to purchase too. Cheers!

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Deadfrog’s Raspberry Warhead Imperial Sour

22 IBU / 9% ABV

The OG Warhead was too much pure sour joy to be contained in just one brew! This beautiful batch is full of fruity flavours of fresh raspberry, lemon, and so, so, so much sour. This beer is just as ridiculously sour as the original, maybe even more. Once again, we challenge you to finish a pint without shedding a tear. Whether it’s a tear of joy, or in mourningof your taste buds – we salute you.

Get it exclusively in the new Juice Box Sour mixer and in 4-packs here and at the brewery.

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Granville Island Winter Ale Chocolate Orange

5.5% ABV

A fresh new take inspired by the original Lions Winter Ale. A delicious hint of orange peel that perfectly pairs with chocolate and vanilla flavours. A soft, sweet finish on the lips provides the perfect pairing for dinner parties and Winter desserts.

Get it here, or in person at the brewery.

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Mariner Marshamallow Stout

5.5% ABV / 25 IBU

One sip of this beer will transport you right next to a cozy campfire.

A decadent and full-bodied vegan milk stout.

This Marshmallow Stout uses a variety of specialty malts to create the nostalgic aromas and flavours of caramel, marshmallow, and vanilla that we all love so dearly.

Get it at the brewery, or find it at a local beer and wine store here.

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