This Valentine's Day, say it with beer!

Soooo much better than flowers. Contributed photo
Soooo much better than flowers. Contributed photo

Brace yourselves, V-Day is upon us. Which means there’s a good chance you are going to have to buy some sort of clichéd gift for your significant other as a lame token of your undying love and affection, or whatever. You are obliged to do this by social convention, and if you don’t, you better believe there will be hell to pay.

So here’s an idea, this year for Valentine’s, why don’t you buy your boyfriend/girlfriend/life-partner something they’ll actually enjoy: like delicious B.C. craft beer!

Paige Harley is the creator of the Brewquet (that’s pronounced brew-kay, like a bouquet, because it’s a pun, which seems to be going over a lot of people’s heads), and she’s got you covered. Instead of flowers, Harley will tastefully gift-wrap a bouquet of local craft beers, complete with beer snacks and a personalized gift card. The best part? Same-day delivery in Vancouver, Burnaby, New West, Richmond and the North Shore. So you still have plenty of time before Valentine’s.

“The Brewquet is the perfect way to express your love, with beer!” says Harley.

She got the idea a few Valentine’s Days ago when she was struggling to come up with something to get her beer-loving boyfriend. Flowers and chocolate are, let’s admit it, pretty lame. So she wisely picked up some craft beer and snacks, and craftily wrapped it up all fancy like, and the lightbulb went off.

“Valentine’s Day is obviously pretty busy for us, but we also get a surprising number of ‘Get Well Soon’ bouquets, and lots of business from overseas parents,” she says. “We’ve even delivered to funeral before.”

Staying on top of local craft beer trends is a top priority for Harley, so the beer selection is always changing, which is a good thing. While Harley curates the beers that are included in the Brewquet, they can be customized by style.

“You’re not going to find PBRs in the Brewquet,” she assures me.

Which is good, because any time you’re giving beer to your loved one, it’s important to realize what that beer says about you. Your character and your intentions can be signaled by the beer you show up with on Valentine’s Day, and rocking up with a six-pack of PBR is definitely going to send the wrong message. Naturally, we here at The Growler have you covered: here’s a handy guide to the vibes that beer is putting out about you.


Stella Artois

I have so much money that I don’t mind paying exorbitant prices for boring beer.


Driftwood Fat Tug IPA

We are going to have the time of our lives tonight, but neither of us will be able to remember a damn thing tomorrow.


Phillips Blue Buck

I’m dependable, tasteful, and comfortable in any situation. Like a really sweet denim jacket. Total boyfriend/girlfriend/life-partner material.


A piss-warm six-pack of PBR

I haven’t washed in a week and at this point, I’m pretty much a walking STD.


Strange Fellows Talisman Pale Ale

Sure, I like to party, but I have to work in the morning. Some of us have things to do.


Coors Light



Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Will you marry me? The Coors Light folks are terrifying and a Canadian passport is looking pretty sweet right about now.


TNT Lager

Like the terrible aftertaste in your mouth, I will never, ever leave you.


Four Winds Nectarous

I’m simply the best, better than all the rest, better than anyone, anyone you’ve ever met.


Bud Light Lime



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