BREWS NEWS: This six pack costs $100

You read that correctly: this six-pack costs $100
You read that correctly: this six-pack costs $100

Yes, you read that correctly, this six-pack from Red Truck Beer Co. does indeed cost $100. And it’s actually a pretty good deal, all things considered.

This isn’t a caviar stout served in gold-plated cans, however.

The $100 six-pack includes six cans of Red Truck Lager, as well as four tickets to their Truck Stop Concert series. The third and final installment of the outdoor summer music party takes place this Saturday, Aug. 12, at the brewery with Lee Fields and the Expressions and Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer, along with Vince Vaccaro, The Real Ponchos and Year of the Wolf. It also comes in a cool box designed by B.C. illustrator and Growler cover artist Tom Froese.

Considering single tickets to the event cost $35 each, $100 for four tickets and six beers is a bargain (there’s also a $35 pint option available at the tasting room).

The party kicks off around 4pm and keeps going ‘til the sun goes down. Close to 1,500 people are expected to attend, so it’s going to be a pretty rad day.

Swing by Red Truck at 295 East 1st to pick up a six-pack, or go online at





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