The Growler guide to summer beers

Photo courtesy of 33 Acres Brewing.
Photo courtesy of 33 Acres Brewing.

Yeah, yeah, this is a little late coming since it’s bloody well July already, but honestly, it’s better late than never. As this summer heat conspires to burn our beloved British Columbia to the ground, it’s important we get answers to the really important questions. For example: What beer should I be drinking?

It’s an excellent question, folks. Here’s a list of light, easy-drinking beers perfect for that patio, that stoop, that patch of grass down the block…or wherever you prefer to soak in the rays (and this ashy haze) with a glass o’ beer.

33 Acres of Sunshine (33 Acres Brewing)

A beer that seems engineered for summer drinking. Just look at that name. It’s a light and hazy wheat beer, and very approachable for people who think they hate beer.

Blonde Ale (Postmark Brewing)

A light and highly drinkable brew, made for drinking more than a few. It’s also the first local craft beer distributed in a 12 case. Camping, anyone?

Bottle Rocket (Phillips Brewing)

It’s an oldie, but a goodie, and arguably Phillips tastiest and most refreshing beer. A light and hoppy India session ale with hints of grapefruit flavour.

Burnabarian (Dageraad Brewing)

Burnaby’s Dageraad excels at making delicious Belgian beers and their session ale is a great introduction. Like every other beer on this list, it’s light and refreshing, but has a unique and robust flavour that’s highly approachable.

Craft Lager (Parallel 49 Brewing)

Vancouver’s breakout brewery has a few beers geared for summer drinking, but we needed to throw a lager on here. But this isn’t your average lager – not by a long shot. It’s clean, crisp and surprisingly full of flavour from the traditional German lager yeast. Kokanee this is not.

Honey Ale (Dogwood Brewing)

The city’s first organic brewery is also making some of the finest introductory craft beers in British Columbia. Their Honey Ale is as sweet as the name suggests, but very well balanced. If you want to introduce your grandparents to craft beer, this is the one. It’s available only at the brewery by the glass or in growler fills.

Park Life (Bomber Brewing)

Bomber’s passionfruit ale has been extremely popular since its six-packs were released. It’s really no wonder – it’s clean, fruity (obviously) and hardly tastes like beer at all. It’s another beer ideal for beginners, but easily enjoyed by all.

Roxanne (Strange Fellows Brewing)

This black raspberry grisette is technically a sour beer, but the sourness is balanced by a hearty dose of the raspberries, making for a complex and deeply refreshing beer. It’s tart more than sour, and absolutely worth your time. It’s a limited release available only at the brewery, so get it while you can.

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The Growler guide to summer beers

The Growler guide to summer beers

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