Spinnakers Brewpub heavily damaged by fire; forces closure of restaurant

Jonny Healy photo
Jonny Healy photo

Sad news from Victoria, the iconic Spinnakers Brewpub in Vic West was damaged in a fire on Wednesday, forcing the restaurant to be closed until further notice. Thankfully, no one was injured, and Spinnakers’ brewing operations were untouched by the fire.

Here’s what Spinnakers had to say on their Facebook page today:

The good news is the brewery and equipment is unharmed and we should be back to brewing soon! The guest houses are untouched and still available for booking, the phone lines are open at 250-386-2739 for any inquiries. The not so good news – the restaurant has suffered extensive smoke, water and fire damage and will be closed until further notice. Needless to say our spirits have been lifted by the overwhelming support from the local community and beyond. We will be working together to rebuild and restore Spinnakers Brewpub. Until then, pick up a brew from your nearest liquor store! (Shameless plug, can you blame us?) Thank you Victoria!

Well, you heard them, grab a bottle of one of Spinnakers’ fantastic beers and show your support!

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